Sample Raw Reflectivity Data

The main folder where this dataset came from is:


Where, within, there are subdirectories that correspond to the day, titled in a "YYYYMMDD" format. Within, one can find raw files, including the sample file here.

This data is the raw reflectivity data from the MZZU radar, in a 384 x 384 x s format, where s = the number of radar volume scans that have been completed for the day in question. Please note, however, due to the normal file size (~30 MB), this sample file has been truncated down to a 3 MB size.

The file is in .mat format, thus, it would be preferential to open it in MATLAB. The title has the format: "MZZU_YYYYMMDD_Variable", where Variable is the radar parameter that is being reported. For this example, it is reflectivity. Other variables include "DSMZ, KDP, DKDP, ZDR, DZDR, RREC, RKDP, DRRZ, RZDR". The name of the variable within the MATLAB workspace will be the name of the variable listed within the filename.

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