Sample Rainrate

The main folder where this dataset came from is:


Wherein, subfolders refer to the day in question. Within those subfolders, contains folders of 108 possible rain rate algorithms that have been calculated based on the raw radar variable files.

Within those sub-subfolders, the files take the format:

"YYYYMMDD-HHMMDD_Algorithm.mat" where "algorithm" designates the rain rate equation (or algorithm) that has been chosen. For this example, we are using the "KDP2" algorithm, in which there exists "KDP1" through "KDP6", corresponding to different constants that have been used in previous literature to estimate rainfall amount based on the variable KDP.

The file format when loaded into MATLAB, since it is a .mat file, is a 384 x 384 grid, where the center of the radar is assumed to be at the point (0,0), and values correspond to the estimated rainfall rate (in mm/hr) at each grid cell.

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