Raw .netcdf Files

The main folder where this dataset came from is:


Where, within, there are subdirectories that correspond to the day, titled in a "YYYYMMDD" format. Within there, further subdirectories are found, which correspond to the raw data based on the radar variable, with the naming extension "AtLowestAltitude", to designate the radar scan was at the lowest elevation angle.

The filename convention takes the form "YYYYMMDD-HHMMSS.netcdf", such that the files are in a .netcdf format, which can be read into any program meant to handle these types. For the purposes of the project, MATLAB is the main importing tool. Each file is a 384 x 384 grid of radar data based on the variable chosen. For the sample data here, ZDR, or, differential reflectivity, is chosen.

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