Data Dictionary

Column Type Label Description
Replicate no. text
Water treatment text
Genotype text
Marker No. text
Weight of wet soil (g) numeric
Weight of dry soil (g) numeric
% Gravimetric water content numeric
Gravimetric water content mass (g/g) numeric
Soil texture text
Soil color text
Air Temperature numeric
Soil temperature (5 cm depth) numeric
Time 0 h text
Colo no. 0 h numeric
Time 1 h text
Colo no. 1 h numeric
Time 2 h text
Colo no. 2 h numeric
Time 3 h text
Colo no. 3 h numeric
Time 4 h text
Colo no. 4 h numeric
Time 5 h text
Colo no. 5 h numeric
Time 20 h text
Colo no. 20 h numeric
Time 24 h text
Colo no. 24 h numeric
DCR Color No. numeric
DCR CO2-C lbs/A numeric
CO2-C lbs/A/day at room temperature at 24 h text
CO2-C Average at room temperature at 24 h numeric
CO2-C lbs/A/day at field temperature at 24 h text
CO2-C Average at field temperature at 24 h numeric
Biological Microbial Activity at field temperature text
Soil Quality text
lbs/A text
pHs numeric
NO3-N ppm numeric
P Bray I lb/A numeric
K lb/A numeric
Ca lb/A numeric
Mg lb/A numeric
%OM numeric
CEC meq/100g numeric
N.A. meq/100g numeric
Wet Aggregate Stability (%) numeric
Active Carbon (lbs/A) numeric

Additional Information

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