MO DIRT (Missourians Doing Impact Research Together) - Soil Health Data

MO DIRT, Missourians Doing Impact Research Together, aimed at educating citizens on soil health and working with them to examine soils properties and how these properties are influenced by microclimate and climate in the state. Two databases are presented here:

  1. Citizen Science soil health survey data

    Missouri citizens have been monitoring soil health monthly since 2016 to provide baseline information on the status of soil health in the state to landowners for management decisions, educators for teaching purposes and scientists to better understand the health status of Missouri soils. Volunteer citizens (e.g. teachers, students, master naturalists, landowners, farmers, homeschool families, etc.) receive training, a soil kit and a manual. They measure physical, chemical and biological soil health indicators in sites that follow the MO DIRT requirements. Sites are established at natural (forest, woodland, prairie) or agricultural habitats (croplands, pasturelands, grasslands (hayfields, fallow or abandoned fields)). Data is collected at each site monthly for at least a 1 year cycle (Feb-Nov) and is stored in a data entry portal. To access the data visit the MO DIRT Data Search Portal at See examples of the data in the subsets below.

  2. Soil health assessment data from EPSCoR research sites

    The MO DIRT team collects soil health data on research sites from Missouri Transect scientists in croplands (e.g. soybean, corn, sorghum) and natural habitats (e.g. natural and restored prairies). This data provides baseline information on soil health to support research on plant performance (shoots and roots). A soil health assessment consists of a one-time data collection in a research site with replication by treatments (e.g. irrigated vs non-irrigated plots) and genotypes. Access the data below.

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